6 Benefits of Learning to Swim Early

10th January, 2017

“They take to it like a duck to water!” You may have heard this phrase uttered when watching someone have a blast with their favourite hobby, or proving themselves in a fresh challenge. The urge to swim forms this simile because, for many kids and adults, it is a joy to be in the water, crossing another stage of our capabilities in life.

It’s rarely too early to introduce your child to swimming – the sooner they begin, the likelier they are to dive straight in. Here, we take a look at the benefits of doing so:

1. Great physical health

Swimming is one of the few exercises that works every part of our body. Chest, arms, shoulders, legs, abdominals… it’s an unbeatable way to foster strength and fitness, while preventing childhood obesity. Everyone knows that glazed, pleasurably tired sensation you get stepping out of the pool; it’s a beautiful gift to impart on children from a young age.

2. Improved co-ordination

Apart from the health benefits your child will accrue, there’s no denying that swimming forces us to co-ordinate arm, leg and head movements. It allows children to test out their physical capabilities. These skills are vital when they start to pick up other sports, which means you’ll be giving them a primer for other hobbies.

3. Safety awareness

Water may be a wonderful thing, but it can also be dangerous for non-swimmers. Learning to swim early will give you peace of mind that your child knows what to do if they fall into a pool, or get caught in a tide. The more your son or daughter gets used to the slap of the water on their skin, the calmer they’ll be should they trip or become submerged accidentally.

4. Banish fears

Some children are all too aware of the dangers water presents, putting them off swimming altogether. These fears tend to manifest themselves in older children who haven’t been exposed to water at a young age; an early introduction, on the other hand, will give your child confidence and prevent fear from setting in.

5. Social skills

Swimming lessons can also prove invaluable in helping your child develop their social skills. Team exercises and competitive games bring kids of all ages together, and can often lead to making friends outside the pool.

6. A pursuit for life

Beyond the practical benefits of learning to swim early, you’re giving your child a pursuit that they are likely to enjoy for life. A long swim can calm our thoughts when they’re racing; at the same time, it can be incredibly stimulating. Children who absorb these truisms early will carry them for decades.

We believe that every child should be given the gift of swimming; it’s our mission to provide you and your family with the support to see swim tuition through to the end. When they become a veritable seal in the water, you won’t regret taking the initiative! Just getting started? See how our Mani swimming aid can help your pup master the waves…