Preparing Your Child For Their Very First Swimming Class

12th September, 2017

Childhood is a period full of memorable firsts – but that maiden swimming class is up there with some of the biggest moments of all. The car journey to the first ever swimming lesson always stirs up a mixture of nerves and excitement (for both you and your little one). However, by taking a few simple steps, you can ensure your child is fully prepared to take part.

We’ve put together a list of tips to try in the days/weeks leading up to the initial swim class, calming the butterflies and raising the excitement levels.

Bathtub time

Creating a sense of familiarity is a key step in swimming class preparation. If your son/daughter hasn’t spent much time in the pool before, they’ll rightly regard the water with a little suspicion. Putting an enthusing spin on bath-time can remove these reservations and encourage your little one to start associating water with fun!

Break out the brand new swimming costume, get them to try on their goggles, and simulate a swim lesson in the safe confines of the bathtub. Blow bubbles together; gently pour warm water over their head; give them timed kicking challenges… Any of these activities can put your child in good stead for their first real lesson.

Pop to the pool beforehand

If your little one has never been to a leisure centre before, the sights, sounds and surroundings might seem intense. So why not pop to the swimming pool before the first lesson begins? This way, the environment will be one less surprise for your son/daughter to deal with on the big day.

Going for a quick splash in the shallow end is another, effective way to ease trepidations. One tiny toe in the swimming pool is a big step for your little one and can kick-start their confidence.

Don’t worry, be happy

Children are often very adept at tuning in to their parents’ emotions. If you’re smiling, laughing and looking like you’re having a fantastic time, your young son/daughter is very likely to mirror your mood. They trust your judgement, so wear your happiest face on the day of the lesson and act as enthusiastically as you can.

It’s also wise to make water/swimming seem a general, thrilling proposition. Show your little one videos of people playing in pools and point them towards water venues that prioritise fun above all else – like wave pools and waterparks.

A superb swimming aid can improve your child’s sense of self-assurance during those first few pool sessions – which is why the Mani is such an important piece of equipment. Keeping your child comfortably afloat, this specially designed device also helps your little one develop their swimming technique – turning them into a more confident and capable swimmer over time. With the Mani to hand, your son/daughter will be as ready as they could ever be for that first swimming lesson.