Do Your Children Need Lessons To Learn How To Swim?

5th June, 2017

“We never had lessons back in my day.” Sound familiar? Your mother or father has probably said it at some point, proud of the fact they learnt to swim without an instructor by their side.

Sure, that’s impressive. But times have changed. Swimming lessons are everywhere now and are readily accessible for parents who want their kids to learn a vital life skill in a safe environment.

But are the older people right? Are lessons really necessary? Let’s take a look…

Make an early splash

We all have different recollections of our first swimming lesson. For some, it’s a mish-mash of memories about splashing around in a few small inches of water. For others, it’s a collection of crystal clear images of deep pools and a slight sense of panic.

The younger you begin your swimming lessons, the likelier you are to remember them fondly. Very young kids are eased into the water at a gradual pace and are often none the wiser about the potential pitfalls of pools. Older kids/adults, on the other hand, are often aware of the dangers, and regard swimming with greater suspicion.

Whilst it’s never too late to learn how to swim, it gets harder to convince someone to dip their toes in the water the older they get.

Confidence in the pool

The benefits of starting swimming lessons at an early age leads us nicely into our second point: the confidence teaching can provide.

Having a professional swimmer showing your child the ropes can enhance their mental strength as well as their physical wellbeing. Whenever they attend classes, your son/daughter will interact with other kids, receive constructive feedback, and begin to think of swimming as second nature.

With an expert watching over them, your child will begin to recognise their steadily-improving ability, which will give them a sense of self-assurance whenever they are around water. And confidence is a crucial factor in becoming a strong swimmer.

Powering to the finish line faster

You can teach your child to swim yourself, and whilst they’ll trust you, they may also take advantage of your good nature and perhaps not push themselves quite as hard as they could.

If your child participates in regular swimming lessons, their technique, strength, and talent will get better with every single session. The people leading these classes are paid to inspire improvement, and will be able to spot flaws that you might miss (or are reluctant to point out).

Swimming lessons enable your child to power to the finish line faster, learning and improving at a much quicker pace than they would if they were simply left alone to splash around ‘til their heart’s content.

Mini Mantas have the perfect support device for young children who are first learning to swim. The Mani is a float that helps your child to position their body in the best possible way, so they can hone their technique. If you’d like to learn more about our products, get in touch with the team today using our contact form.