What To Look For In A Swimming Instructor

25th August, 2017

Naturally, you’ll want your son or daughter’s first swimming lesson to go as smoothly as it possibly can. As nerve-jangling as the experience may seem on the surface, there are several things you can do to ensure your child emerges from the pool with a big grin on their face.

Staying to watch their first lesson and offering words of praise after they’ve dried themselves down can make a huge difference, but the key to a happy swimmer is the instructor leading the session. We’ve highlighted the most important swimming teacher traits below, giving you everything you need to find a top-notch instructor.


Not all swimming instructors will have experience teaching young children, and these coaches will have high expectations of their classes. Ideally, your child needs a teacher who specialises in leading beginner classes. This way, you know your son or daughter will be involved in the kind of session that doesn’t put them out of their depth.


Every child is different and it’s important to find an instructor who is a good fit for your son or daughter. If your little one is having a bit of trouble adapting to the water, you’ll need to find a patient, calm teacher who knows how to talk to children on their level. Other children are easily distracted, and in these instances a friendly but commanding instructor with the ability to grab people’s attention will be more appropriate.

You know your child better than anyone – so use this knowledge to narrow your search for the right type of teacher. 


The ability to fuse fun with discipline is a trait that all swimming instructors should possess – giving children a space to learn important skills whilst enjoying themselves in the process.

A balanced teacher will know how to let your son or daughter feel at ease whilst still helping their progress. Under the supervision of a well-adjusted instructor, your child will develop useful techniques and absorb vital safety knowledge without even realising.


In most cases, anyone teaching a beginner’s class will be well trained in water safety for inexperienced swimmers, but checking never does any harm. You’ll want the best person for the job here – someone who can keep your child completely safe.

Always ask to hear an instructor’s set of qualifications before you agree to let them teach your child. It’ll offer you peace of mind knowing you have the best person for the job.

In order to prepare your child for their first session with a swimming tutor, get them used to being in the water beforehand. The more time they spend around pools, the calmer they’ll be when they turn up for their inaugural swimming lesson. And when it comes to developing confidence, there’s no better swimming aid than the Mani.

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