Why Every Parent Should Champion Swimming This Summer

11th July, 2017

We’re officially in the depths of summertime. Barbecue kits are flying off the shelves, sunglasses are selling by the bucket load, and the coastlines have morphed into makeshift homes for tourists. When you’re a parent, the hotter months are full of fun-filled days out and family excitement, and whilst stocking up on summer survival kit (like suncream and bottled water) for your kids is important, you should also use this time of year to champion swimming.

With climates at baking level, few children will need much encouragement to take a paddle in the local pool. Listed here are the reasons why you should gently keep nudging them in the direction of the water before summer ends 

Time is on your side

The summer holidays never feel long enough for children, but for adults they can seem a little tricky to fill. Six weeks of no school means you’ll have to repeatedly think up new plans to keep your little ones entertained, and there are few better ways to make the most of the extra time than by taking them swimming.

Becoming a skilled swimmer doesn’t happen overnight: it takes practice. During the summer, there’s a unique window of opportunity to give your children the chance to learn at their own pace without feeling hurried.

Early education

Most schools enrol children into swimming classes from a relatively early age, acknowledging the importance of how to stay safe in the water. When your child returns to school following a full summer’s worth of swimming practice, they’ll have a head start on their classmates, boasting skills that can make a real splash.

Experts agree that the earlier a child learns to swim, the better, so by spending big chunks of the holiday playing in the pool, your little one will develop a wide array of essential skills at an important time – not to mention confidence.

Opportunities are rife

Another reason to embrace swimming during the summer is that the opportunities to jump in the pool are plentiful. A lot of local leisure centres clear space in their schedules for additional sessions, and some pool-based venues host a number of special summer events that offer children the opportunity to swim and socialise simultaneously.

You’re also bound to venture out to the beach at some point between now and September. So why not take your child along to the shoreline to splash about in the sea during your visit? It will enhance their awareness of water safety and give you a chance to see their skills progress.

If you’re looking to help your child get involved in swimming this summer, grabbing the Mani is the best place to begin. This float offers your son or daughter the ideal support system in the water, giving them a crucial sense of self-assurance and facilitating flexibility so they can hone their swimming technique. Check it out here and enjoy the rest of the holidays spending quality time with your little one in the blue, cool water.