What Age Range is Mani designed for?

Mani is designed for 2 years old and above. It has been tested to European Safety Standards (EN 13138-2:2014) for that age range. Mani is a truly flexible swimming aid so it can be used toddlers up to their grandparents. It has already been used in adult learn to swim programs and swimming tuition for people with special needs including blind swimmers. We believe this is a true testimony to the products diverse functionality.

Does it come in any other sizes?

No. Mani has been designed specifically to assist the whole process in one product, in one size for the whole journey.

Does it have straps?

No straps required.......just get to the pool, get in and use it! Swimming is about freedom and we passionately believe this should be reflected in the way you learn to swim and the aids you use to help that process. We advocate 100% parental supervision (and interaction!) at all times until the child can swim independently of you and any buoyancy aids. 

Can it be used with arm bands?

Yes, it works with or without arm bands. The decision to use arm bands has to be child and parent led. No two children are the same and they all develop at different rates. Fundamentally it is about nurturing confidence in children and if you chose to use arm bands Mani is just as effective than without them.

Does it come in any other colours?

Initially we have chosen the three colours displayed on the website however we have plans to expand this in the near future.

What is Mani made from?

The product is made from EPP which stands for Expanded Polypropylene. The material is 100% recyclable and to our knowledge Mani is the only product in the swimming market that can be fully recycled. EPP is incredibly strong (they actually make car bumper linings from this material), it won't degrade in chlorinated water like many other products. The material is also used in the food industry, it contains no harmful additives so is 100% safe for children to use.

How much does Mani weigh?

Mani is extremely light weight. It weighs only 237g so if perfect for taking on holiday also!

What size is Mani?

Top to bottom: 360mm

Left to right: 320mm

Front to back: 121mm

Can I buy Mani is a store on the High Street?

Not yet! Currently we only sell online, direct to you, via the shop.

What does Mani Arrive with?

It comes in bespoke branded cardboard packaging with our user manual which are both designed for you to keep should you decide to pass the product on after you have finished using it.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Currently we only ship to mainland UK but we are ambitious and we want to help make better swimmers, WORLDWIDE! When it is logistically feasible we want to ship to the whole world but you have to start from somewhere and where better to start than home!

We do have delivery rates for all of the offshore Scottish Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of man, Channel Islands and the Irish Republic.

See our Shipping Page for further details.