Our Story

The inspiration and meaning behind the development of the product and the brand.

Swimming is all about the correct body position and efficiency of movement. The Manta Ray is a perfect example of this in the way it gracefully flies through the ocean. Mini Mantas represents the child growing from these early fragile beginnings into a strong, graceful and efficient swimmers and the brand being about supporting that journey through innovation.

Learning to swim is fundamentally centred around developing confidence in the water. As a child this is achieved through play and exploration in a safe, positive and fun way. Our brand and product approach is based on giving children the best opportunity to succeed in this fundamental life skill and providing parents the best opportunity to encourage, guide and reassure their child in these first crucial stages of development.

If Mani can help one parent to teach their child to swim, and one day that skill saves their life. This will be the ultimate legacy’.

Inspired by Family
Inspired by Family

Design is something that is part of who I am, it's been part of my life since childhood. Since becoming a designer I’ve always held an ambition to design my own products, products which really connect with my core values.

My recent life has been shaped by two key things which have definitely inspired me on this journey.
Becoming a father changes the way you think and the way you look at the world. It also makes you reflect on your own upbringing and you start to share experiences that you shared with your own parents. One of these is swimming. Swimming has played a big part in my life offering many freedoms and learning to swim with my father is one of my earliest and most cherished memories.

Sadly my father passed away in 2013 and although this was a hugely sad time it was also a time for appreciation of a life. This really forced me to think about my own future and what my legacy would be to my children.

All of these different realisations came together when I started teaching Evelyn to swim. I realised that swimming products hadn’t evolved at all in my life time. Looking at the scenario through my own eyes, I could see that existing products didn’t naturally support the child in the correct way and made it awkward for the parent to fully engage in the process. Over three years of work ultimately led to the development of Mani and the Mini Mantas brand.

Michael, Founder

Designed and made in Great Britain

100% recyclable however... don't discard me, Pass me on!
100% Recyclable

The product is made from 100% recyclable material however it is designed to be highly durable and last many years. We want to avoid this product going to landfill unnecessarily. Once you have finished using it, and if in good condition, we advise:

Passing the product, packaging and user manual on to a relative or friend who has a need for it or donating it to a local swimming club or charity store. If these options are not suitable please check local recycling options. Alternatively send it back to us and we will ensure the material is recycled correctly to make other products