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Natural stability, support and safety.
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The product is fully textured to provide great grip. Softer textures are designed into areas such as the concave and handle areas.

Side wings

Designed to fit around the side of the upper body. These areas provide a feeling of security as well as offering side to side stability.

Front concave area

For swimming on the front this offers support to the upper body ensuring the child is in the correct swimming position freeing them to concentrate on learning to kick their legs. For swimming on the back this offers support for the head allowing the child to push back on the float to get their body parallel to the water surface.


The handle provides a natural and secure area for the child to hold and allows the parent to guide them around the pool. It also allows the parent to maintain a physical connection with the child providing reassurance. The product is designed to naturally get the parent in front of the child to offer encouragement and maintain good eye contact.


Designed to offer a large area for underside grip for both the parent and child, supporting a wide range of activities during all three phases of development.

User information

Detailed safety information along with a name area allowing you to identify your MANI. There is also a reference to the website where you can find further information of the product and our brand.

Designed for children ages 2 and above

This product is designed for children ages 2 and above.

Supporting 3 key phases of Development...
Phase 1: Familiarity

The objectives of the first phase are to nurture confidence and a love of the water through exploration and play.

MANI offers support in this stage by:

  • Engaging the child to interact and be creative with its unique form, colour and varied texture.
  • Reducing fear and help the child be at ease in the water.
  • Providing natural buoyancy getting the child in the correct body position.
  • Offering large areas to grip for both the parent and the child.
  • Allowing the parent to guide, interact and encourage in a relaxed way.
  • Allowing the child to only focus on learning to kick.
Phase 2: Independence

Once the child is confident about being in the water it’s important for them to develop independence from their parents and start to explore the pool environment.

MANI offers support in this stage by:

  • Creating a secure platform for swimming on the front and back.
  • Support for the head out of the water reducing fear.
  • Nurturing independent exploration of the pool.
  • Building muscle strength.
  • Building the confidence to experiment with new techniques.
Phase 3: Techniques & Play

At this stage the child will be able to stay buoyant in the water unaided, however there is still a way to go to being able to swim freely.

MANI offers support in this stage by:

  • Offering numerous ways in which the product can be used.
  • Supporting all the key foundations of front and back swimming strokes.
  • Encouraging development and creativity through fun and games.
  • Offering security through its ergonomic shape.
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