Ali Beckman,
Technical Director
Puddle Ducks

Mani is a revolutionary product for swimming teachers and parents alike. There are not many non-fixed buoyancy aids on the market which can assist with good alignment and those that are available are often cumbersome for both the child and supporting adult. Whether the supporting adult is the parent or the teacher, they will find this product easy to handle whilst still allowing the child independence when learning to swim. This product is superbly designed with the child/adult relationship at heart and I truly believe teachers will love this product as much as I did. More than anything, I believe Mani will help children with confidence issues learn to swim whilst having lots of fun. 

Ann Burgess,
Aquatic Development Manager / ASA Licensed Tutor
Live Wire

“A huge thanks to Michael at Mini Mantas, Mani has been trialled extensively across LiveWire’s school swimming programme for our pupils to complete the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 required standard of attainment. Feedback from both pupils and school teachers alike has been extremely positive!

All Year 3 and 4 swim groups, regardless of their swimming ability experimented with Mani for a full 10-week swim term and their swimming progression was quite apparent at a remarkably early stage. The pupils incorporated a variety of practices including flotation, balance, kicking on both front and back and more extensively practicing streamlining with a variety of push & glide progressions.  Mani was also utilised effectively for the pupils to improve their tuck floats, developing somersaults and as a buoyancy aid to practice personal survival and self - rescue core skills.

Mani has proven to be a versatile, popular and significant addition to LiveWire’s essential swim equipment stock for all ages and abilities. It has been used by our Duckling classes, Learn to Swim and development stages incorporating the ASA Swimmer Pathway stages 1 to stage 7. It has also proven useful in LiveWire’s Rookie Lifeguard programme and synchronised swimming development groups.

Quite honestly, a value-added benefit to our comprehensive Learn to Swim / School swimming programme!! Thank you for choosing LiveWire as the pilot organisation of the Mani product over the last 15 months – much appreciated!!

Maxine Colclough,
Lead Swim Teacher
Total Swim Academy

I have used Mani in my swimming lessons for a few weeks now and wow, what an amazing product!! The children have had loads of fun and their confidence has grown massively.

We engaged a few activities using Mani, ranging from racing games to chasing games and even floatation games.

I have children that have made enormous leaps forward in their development due to the extra support and confidence that using Mani has given them.

Thank you for allowing me to use this wonderful product during my swimming lessons.

Susan Routledge ,
ASA Swimming Teacher
Live Wire

Can I just mention, we have taken the Grandchildren Swimming with the Mani, Harry Age 5, Toby Age 4, and they absolutely loved it, in fact they fought over it. Harry was using it in the deep part of the pool both to improve his leg work and also as a lifesaving aid, Toby loved the fact he could almost turn into a little surfboard and also used lots of different positions to improve his leg kick.

We took it to a local pool and lots of children around were fascinated by it. Need another one to stop any more arguments!!

Andrew McLay,
Swimming Teacher
Live Wire

 Upon incorporating the Mani float within lessons, the children immediately took interest into its design and manoeuvrability and began experimenting with different ways as to its use. Once specific teaching practices had been put into place and the children were comfortable with this, you can see immediately how much more efficient the lessons become across all ages and stages within the swim scheme.
The floats allow for less time to be taken when getting out equipment, as the Mani is an all in one float. Also, I felt you could incorporate a lot more practice time within the lessons as you saw how quickly children adapted to the Mani, meaning that you can potentially increase the quantity with regards to the amount of practice the children get by up to 25% over the duration of a 30-minute session. This allows the learning process to be much faster and much easier for the child to grasp.

Rebecca Gamble,
Reveal Magazine

My four-year-old, Fergus, is on the cusp of swimming on his own, but finds normal floats frustrating, as they are difficult to balance on when he puts one under his tummy-so the Mani swimming aid is a revelation. Its great!

R. Cross,
Memeber of the Public

My four year old Sam loves his Mani, he has found lots more ways to use it than the website suggests! Mani has progressed his swimming skills along side his lessons and it's also great fun for us to use together. I've been asked many times where to get one!