Every child's friend in the water.

A unique, British made swimming aid from Mini Mantas. Mani gets children in the correct body position from the very start of the swimming journey.

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'Mani is a revolutionary product for swimming teachers and parents alike...'
Ali Beckman, Teacher.
'I have used Mani in my swimming lessons for a few weeks now and wow, what an amazing product!! The children have had loads of fun and their confidence has grown massively.'
Maxine Colclough, Teacher.
'Can I just mention, we have taken the grandchildren swimming with the Mani, Harry Age 5, Toby Age 4, and they absolutely loved it, in fact they fought over it!'
Susan Routledge, Grandparent.
'Four-year-old, Fergus, is on the cusp of swimming on his own, but finds normal floats frustrating, as they are difficult to balance on when he puts one under his tummy-so the Mani swimming aid is a revelation. Its great!'
Rebecca Gamble, Parent
'My four year old Sam loves his Mani, he has found lots more ways to use it than the website suggests! Mani has progressed his swimming skills along side his lessons and it's also great fun for us to use together. I've been asked many times where to get one!'
Richard Cross, Parent.

Why Mani?

Mani Black
Mani Blue

It provides natural, safe and secure swimming support.

It gives children confidence and the freedom to explore.

Mani Magenta
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Designed and made in Great Britain

The story so far

The inspiration and meaning behind the development of the product and the brand.

Mani isn’t just a float.

It offers an intuitive and safe transition into free swimming.

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Giving children the freedom to explore the water.